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  • image of dog helped - Pickles

    Boulder, Colorado

    Care for by:Brighter Days Dog Rescue

    Pickles is a 3.5lb Chihuahua who was in a shelter in Oklahoma. Brighter Days Dog Rescue was asked to take him because he was up to be euthanized at the time due to unknown medical reasons. Once making it to Colorado, they found out that Pickles had a broken jaw and was in too much pain to eat. He had his first surgery at a dental specialist last week that they were able to cover with donations. He will need a second surgery in August to put a bone plate on his jaw. Fortunately, Pickles will make a full recovery once they are able to put the bone plate on. They just need to get rid of the infection and inflammation before they can safely put it on with a good outcome. The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation was happy to provide a medical care grant to Pickles because the predicted outcome is good and they truly feels he has a good quality of life once this is all said and done.

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