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  • image of dog helped - Murphy

    All Smiles with His New Family

    Care for by: Community Veterinary Hospital Referred by: Orange County SPCA

    Murphy was found by his mom wondering near her job- underweight, covered in fleas and walking with a severe limp. It was quickly discovered that Murphy was suffering from patella luxation, a problem that would require surgery. Murphy’s mom had intentions of rehoming him after he recovered from his surgery and put on some much need weight but after getting to know him it was clear that Murphy’s forever home was with her and her daughter. The grant Murphy received helped cover the costs associated with his surgery and allowed him to stay with his new-found family.

    "When I got the email from BWBF notifying me that Murphy was accepted for the grant I was overwhelmed with relief. It was such a strain to come up with the funds for the surgery and I had no idea how I was going to pay for it. Murphy and I are forever grateful and we I just can’t thank you enough for your generosity." - Meg Faulkner (Murphy’s Mom)

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