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Meet our Grant Recipients

Dog's Lives We've Changed

Meet the pups who have received medical care grants from the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation®

  • image of dog helped - Lucy

    Deerfield Beach, FL

    Lucy came from a shelter after spending over a year looking for a home there. Lucy was out on her evening stroll with her mom and managed to eat a poisonous toad! She was rushed to the emergency vet and spent several days recuperating. Thankfully, she was able to come home and is doing well. The Foundation helped offset some of the high cost emergency care and hospitalization bills.

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  • image of dog helped - Oscar

    Cheyenne, WY

    Care for by:Hounds Haven Rescue

    Oscar was part of a hoarding situation and was taken into Hounds Haven Rescue along with his siblings. They noticed he had several health issues, likely due to poor breeding and living conditions. In particular, he needed physical therapy to strengthen and stretch his lower back and legs as these were underdeveloped. Thank goodness he is in a great foster home getting the care he needs, and the Foundation was happy to help support his treatment (and his siblings) so they have a chance at a happy, healthy life.

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  • image of dog helped - Maverick

    Houston, TX

    Care for by:Athena’s Angels Rescue

    Maverick was abandoned in a neighborhood and it took weeks to catch him. Once he was safe, it was clear he was in a lot of pain. He had various injuries and illnesses that needed treatment, and he had to learn to trust people again too. Luckily, he’s healing well and will be seeking his new home soon!

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  • image of dog helped - Kia

    Hamlin, NY

    Gentle giant, Kia needed an emergency splenectomy to save her life. Her dad put everything he could down and worried how he would pay for the rest of her treatment needs as he is also paying his own medical expenses. Kia’s dad says she has helped him cope with anxiety and depression and is his rock. He also says, “I’m lost for words, but your Foundation is a godsend!! Thank you!”

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  • image of dog helped - Merkel

    1 year old Mix from San Diego, CA

    Care for by:College Animal Hospital

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  • image of dog helped - Callie

    3 year old Beagle from Studio City, CA

    Care for by:VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital

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  • image of dog helped - Merlin

    4 month old Golden from Arvada, CO

    Care for by:Wheatridge Animal Hospital

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  • image of dog helped - Coal

    7 year old Lab from Sugar Land, TX

    Care for by:Neighborhood Pet Hospital/ Veterinary Surgical Solutions

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  • image of dog helped - Cassius

    7 year old Pitbull/Akita from Silverdale, WA

    Care for by:Clifton Hollow Animal Hospital

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  • image of dog helped - Blake

    12 year old Terrier Mix from Mead, CO

    Care for by:Royal Vista Veterinary Specialists

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