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Meet our Grant Recipients

Dog's Lives We've Changed

Meet the pups who have received medical care grants from the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation®

  • image of dog helped - Tennessee

    Dyersburg, Tennessee

    Care for by:Animal Care Hospital

    Unfortunately, this happy pup was hit by a car and then left stranded by his family.After his accident, Tennessee’s suffered an injury to one of his back legs and was never the same. He had to get his leg amputated after being picked up by the Dyersburg Dyer County Humane Society.The shelter needed funding to help him not only be in pain anymore but also to have a better chance of adoption.That’s when the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation stepped in with a medical grant. Tennessee championed through surgery and can now run and play with other dogs.We’re also happy to report that since his operation, Tennessee found his fur-ever home with a great family in Memphis!

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  • image of dog helped - Pebbles

    Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

    After a scary run in with a car, sweet little Pebbles suffered multiple femur fractures, a spleen laceration, pulmonary contusions, and severe road rash. After receiving care at an emergency vet her pet parents were informed Pebbles needed surgery on her femur to avoid leg amputation. With a medical grant from the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, Pebbles’ family had some extra financial support, and she is now healed up and they are seeing her use previously injured leg more and more every day!

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  • image of dog helped - Elena

    St. Charles, IL

    Elena was a foster pup with Tiny N Tall rescue when she was diagnosed with Valvular Pulmonic. As scary as this was, they found she could live a full life with this condition with routine check-ups and a healthy lifestyle. The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation was able to provide a medical grant to help offset some of the expense of her initial medical care. Luckily, Elena now has a positive prognosis and was later adopted by her fur-ever family!

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  • image of dog helped - Jack

    Pittsburg, PA

    After fostering this silly little pup, Jack’s mom knew they were meant to be together, and he’s always been such a wonderful companion! When they found out he was sick with cancer they were relieved to have caught it early, with a positive prognosis after treatment. Jack’s mom has been a great advocate for him and needed financial support when it came to the high cost of his surgery and treatment. The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation was happy to give Jack a grant for his medical care and its already been reported Jack has healed up great after surgery!

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  • image of dog helped - Sanji

    Las Vega, Neveda

    Care for by:Las Vegas Specialty Center

    Due to unknown circumstances, this sweet one-year old pup, Sanji, was diagnosed with Steroid Responsive Meningitis in his spinal cord. With the help of ongoing treatment for the next few months, there is a high chance he will officially recover from it. Sanji’s pet parent has been with him through every step of the way from vet appointments to his robust treatment and recovery plan. He is very lucky to have such a loving home, but the vet expenses have added up and the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation has been happy to provide financial assistance to Sanji’s ongoing medical care.

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  • image of dog helped - Marley

    Pensacola, Florida

    Care for by:Coastal Sunrise Animal Hospital

    After ingesting a foreign body that has since been removed, Marley continued to get worse. It is unclear what caused the change in Marley, whether there was a toxin in what he ate or not, but he now requires special equipment called a Bailey chair to eat and drink. Unfortunately, he also is having seizures, so he requires medicine to manage them. After all the costs to treat Marely, his family applied for a medical grant to help cover expenses and the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation was happy to help! We’ve heard from Marley’s pet parents that he has shown improvements as he continues his road to recovery.

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  • image of dog helped - Maka

    Kapolei, Hawaii

    Maka, who the team at Fur-Angle Foundation refers to as a “loving big squish” needed surgery to remove multiple tumors. The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation was happy to provide a medical grant for this sweet boy, and were excited to hear he is healing upwell with a positive prognosis!

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  • image of dog helped - Ram

    Corinth, Mississippi

    Ram is a young homeless doggo with severe hip dysplasia, which causes major discomfort and will only get worse as time goes on. After being approved as a good candidate for surgery to correct this issue, his pain will be alleviated and vastly improve his quality of life. Several surgeries are involved, which add up quickly. The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation was happy to provide the Midsouth Animal Welfare Foundation with a medical grant while they are sheltering Ram and taking care of him during this time. He is expected to make a full recovery and will have the chance to be adopted into a loving, caring fur-ever home!

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  • image of dog helped - Rigby

    Bamberg, South Carolina

    After a ruff start as a stray, dropped off at Mary Ann Morris Animal Society in bad shape with severe hip dysplasia, young Rigby could barely walk a few feet without stumbling. The team at the shelter had him checked out and found he required a femoral head ostectomy surgery to live a normal, healthy life. The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation provided a medical grant to Rigby to help with the financial strain of this expensive surgery. After healing up from his surgery Rigby has been able to run, jump, and play with all his shelter friends!

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  • image of dog helped - Bandit

    Glastonbury, CT

    Care for by:Pieper Olsen Memorial

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