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  • image of dog helped - Chester

    Ready to Get Back to Work

    Chester has been a certified therapy dog since 2008 and provided more than 130 hours of service to the survivors of the Aurora, CO theater shooting. Unfortunately, Chester had to take a break from his therapy work when he slipped a disk due to a spinal infection. His grant from the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation helped cover the cost of MRI’s, x-rays, medication, and physical therapy.

    Kateri Nelson, Chester’s mom, says, “He’s doing well and his last x-rays showed progress. He’s now allowed to go out on two 10-minute walks a day!”

    Chester just isn’t ready to retire from his career as a therapy dog, and the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation was able to assist this dog and family who have helped support so many others through difficult times.

    Photo of Chester close up

    Photo of Chester sleeping

    Chester getting an MRI

    Chester getting checked out by a doctor

    Holiday Photo of Chester with his human

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