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  • image of dog helped - Harley

    Small but Mighty!

    Care for by: Newport Harbor Animal Hospital

    Harley has spent her days working as a service dog for her mom who was injured in a car accident. She enjoyed days at the beach, long walks, and comforting her mom when she wasn't feeling well until recently when she was plagued with several episodes of pancreatitis along with extreme stomach sensitivity, and an injured hind foot. Harley's grant helped her get back to her normal sweet self by covering the costs associated with alleviating her pancreatitis and tummy troubles as well as helping her heal the injury to her foot.

    "Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the role you played in helping Harley get well. This has been a rough year for both myself and Harley and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to continue life with my companion and helper. Thank you again for allowing me to be there for Harley as she is there for me!" - Maria Reverberi (Harley's mom)

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