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  • image of dog helped - Bailey

    Ready to Romp & Play

    Bailey is a young Labrador who unfortunately tore her cruciate ligaments in both legs. She is an active pup who has two human brothers who love to play with her!

    The grant Bailey received helped pay for the surgical procedures and treatment required to heal Bailey back to her normal loving self. Because she is so young she will heal quickly and has a long life still ahead of her, full of playing with her family.

    “Bailey is one of our kids, she is my girl since I have all boys! When she was diagnosed, I was so upset I cried for weeks. The love you have for your dog is just like the love for your kids and my boys love her so much. We can't wait until she is able to stay out of her crate and can sit with us!” -Dana, Bailey's mom

    Bailey wearing a cone

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