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  • image of dog helped - Jasper

    “Jasper is doing very well since his initial diagnosis. Although he will never be cured, his condition is managed, and he is back to his old self. Jasper would not be here if not for the medical treatment he received.”

    Care for by:WVRC Emergency & Specialty Pet Care Referred by:Referred by Camp Bow Wow Waukesha

    Say hi to Jasper, a playful pup who was unfortunately diagnosed with a heart disease at just 1-years-old. His parents immediately took him to the vet when they started noticing unusual symptoms. Thankfully, he is now on medications that are managing his symptoms and he is happy as can be! The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation awarded Jasper with a grant to assist with his monthly medication costs so he can continue to live a happy, healthy life!

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