Lend a Paw to Our Canine Care Team

Our Scout’s Angels Canine Care Team supports communities in times of need by providing a healing outlet through dogs. The quickly growing Canine Care Team is comprised of certified therapy dogs and Canine Good Citizens dedicated to bringing comfort and smiles in furry form.

The power of therapy dogs is truly incredible. They help people, especially children, open up and communicate things that they might not share with a therapist or other adults - just having a therapy dog present can make a child more willing to talk. These pups also help to decrease feelings of isolation.

Our Team has made two trips to Newtown, CT where they witnessed the amazing ability of these animals to draw out a smile or a laugh from people recovering from such a tragic event. 

Please support our efforts by donating to assist with travel expenses and dog supplies so the Canine Care Team can spread love and healing to communities around the nation in times of need.

See the power of therapy dogs from our last trip to Newtown.




Lend a Paw to Newtown, CT!


Camp Bow Wow, the $60 million leader in the pet care industry, in conjunction with its nonprofit organization, the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, announces the launch of “Scout’s Angels.” This philanthropic initiative will bring therapy dogs to the Newtown, Connecticut community.  

The 8 person team will spend up to 2 weeks in the Newtown community doing all they can to help the survivors and their families deal with the horrible tragedy of December 14, 2012. 

As a follow up, the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation is lending a paw by fundraising through its 150 pet care franchises, Camp Bow Wow and Home Buddies, to gift two therapy pups that will reside in the Newtown community for the years to come. This will certainly be a long, difficult road ahead and our hope is the dogs will spend time with trained therapists in the schools, with first responders, at community events and with the families that lost loved ones in this tragedy.

The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation has matched funds dollar-to-dollar up to $25,000 of the total funds raised for a total of $50,000!  The mission of the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, Camp Bow Wow’s charity division, is to promote the health and welfare of animals worldwide by focusing on finding foster and lifetime homes for unwanted animals, promoting humane education and treatment, and investing in research and treatment for those devastated by illness and disease.

Founded in 2007, the Foundation has helped rescue and adopt over 10,000 pets, raised over a million dollars for canine cancer research and created various campaigns and projects to support the humane treatment of our furry friends.  


Please donate whatever you can at www.bowwowbuddies.com and help us spread the word!

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