Dog Bite Prevention Program


There are more than 4.7 million dog bites each year and 50% occur among children under the age of 12, so we are going on a mission to help children and their families learn about ways to properly interact with dogs. Our program is designed to educate children in a fun, interesting and creative manner, while still helping them understand the importance of being safe around dogs. Through education, we can help reduce the number of dog bite incidents in the United States.

With this program, local daycares, schools, libraries and other community venues can call their local Camp Bow Wow and request a visit to their local facility. During their visit, Camp Bow Wow’s employees will read the children “Scout Says, ‘Dog’s Get Nervous, Too,’” a book written from a dog’s perspective. This educational program will teach children about how to safely interact with dogs, including their family pets, so they can stay safe around dogs.

After each book reading, the children will receive takeaways, including a copy of the book, a magnetic photo frame and bookmark. This program is offered free for locations that have children ages 3-15. 

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